Monday, 29 November 2010

snow business

Yesterday was Mabel's first experience of snow. She was outside jumping around in it for hours. She was loving  it... until she knocked into a small branch and a lump of it plopped on her little furry head!

She soon dried off after a snooze on my knee in front of the fire.

Friday, 12 November 2010


All my pictures of furry little Mabel seem to be of her sleeping but it's the only time she stays still!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

caught in the act!

We are trying not to give Mabel too many treats. It would be so easy to spoil her but we don't want her to be a big fat unhealthy cat. Of course, we do give her some yummy treats but she also has ways of finding that little bit extra for herself. However hard I try to clear up after cooking she always manages to find something, somewhere! She's often seen licking her lips as she strolls nonchalantly out of the kitchen.
She also likes to sit high up on the sofa arm and wait until we take our eye off anything we're eating! The sofa arm is the perfect place for her to keep a close watch and as soon as we are distracted have a swipe! 

Monday, 13 September 2010

kitten story

I just couldn't resist posting this little kitten story I found this morning. This kitten is so adorable!

Friday, 3 September 2010

big cats

Last week I went to Dublin in Ireland for a few days and spent one of those days at the zoo. It was a lovely day and the big cats were taking the opportunity to have a sleep in the sunshine. This meant they stayed still long enough for me to take a few photos and to see, close up, just how beautiful they are.
They reminded me so much of Mabel when she's having a snooze.

Oh, and I couldn't resist this cheeky little guy!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

the power fluff

After a hard afternoon playing outside in the sunshine Mabel waits patiently on her back for a cuddle. Her tactic is simple but effective, she shows her fluffy tummy, furry little paws and pulls all her cutest faces. We can't resist!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Getting involved

Mabel likes to be wherever we are because she doesn't like to miss out on anything that might be going on.
She has to be involved in everything we do in her own little way.

Food Shopping
She likes to sniff all new food items that enter the house. She also likes to watch every individual item as it's put away, running from one cupboard from the next. I think it's Mabel quality control!
After all the hard work required in watching the shopping being put away she likes to have a nice nap on or in the empty shopping bag.

Mabel likes to chase the loose material on the bottom of my scruffy 'cleaning-up' jeans. Whenever I'm doing chores she can usually be found hanging onto the hem of my trousers. 
She has to sit on everything freshly ironed! Anything clean, folded or ironed instantly gets the Mabel seal of approval. 

Mabel loves being around when I'm cooking. For some reason the bit she seems most interested in is when I'm chopping onions. She'll find a comfy spot and sit watching until every last one is chopped. Oh, and if I turn my back for a second she likes nothing more than to be licking at the olive oil!

We have been painting and decorating a few of the rooms in the house recently. If we're doing it Mabel has to do it too. She'll sit and watch every stroke and sniff in every corner. She also likes to hang from and climb up brand new curtains!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

meany injections

Yesterday was a big day for furry little Mabel. She went for her first visit (since she came to us) to the vet.

We had her microchipped and vaccinated against a variety of nasties.

I know it's all in her best interest but she was just so sleepy last night. I felt such a meany! She just went from one sleeping spot to another and even her foil ball couldn't tempt her to muster up any energy. 
We made sure she got lots and lots of cuddles, kisses and treats.
I was happy to see that she had slept it off overnight and was back to her usual cheeky self this morning.

Friday, 21 May 2010


We go on holiday for a week on Sunday and, although I'm excited, I'm going to miss little Mabel so much!

I'm sad and nervous to leave her but I know she'll be absolutely fine.
She's moving in with the boyfriend's parents for the week. They love her and I think they're looking forward to having a kitty around the place again.
When we went away for the weekend his mum popped in twice a day to feed and cuddle her but, as we are away for a whole week this time, it works out better to leave her with them.
I have learned that Mabel is not a shy cat and she takes to new places and to people very easily. I know she'll love the attention and the company of having someone with her for most of the day. She'll be spoilt rotten and no doubt will miss me much less than I miss her.

Maybe I'm more worried that she'll never want to come home!

Thursday, 13 May 2010


It was my birthday last week and, as I'm almost as spoilt as Mabel, I was bought this fancy double cat feeding bowl from Alessi by my sister. It's so cute.
So Mabel is now officially a posh little kitty.
She was very curious when I first put it down for her to sniff and she took the opportunity to have a nice sit in it! Not quite the sophisticated, stylish dining I was hoping for but I'm sure once it has food in it she'll work out what it's for.

Monday, 10 May 2010


There's an ongoing debate happening in our house. Wet or dry Mabel food?

I'm sure it's a subject that has been discussed a million times by cat owners the world over but I just can't seem to find a satisfactory answer.
Like most people with pets I want to do the best for Mabel but there seems to be a lot of mixed thought on this topic.
I've read lots of articles online about which is best for her and even vets seem divided.

At the moment we give her a mix of both. I know dry food is good for her teeth but I see wet food as being closer to the foodstuff she would be eating in the wild. 
I feed her wet food for breakfast and tea and she has dry food or kitty biscuits to snack on through the day. I've only ever seen her drink water from her bowl once so I worry that with dry food she might become dehydrated. As usual, I probably worry far too much.

People have told us that dry food doesn't have the sugars and additives that wet food can have but I am careful about the wet food I give her. I always check that there is a high meat content and have found one with no artificial colours or preservatives and the list of ingredients on the back states a minimum of 90% chicken or fish depending on the flavour. 
I have also been told that it's cheaper to feed a cat dry food and that dry keeps for longer and doesn't spoil as quickly once it's put down.
There seems to be positives and negatives for both which just confuses me more.

There's also one other factor that I need to take into consideration... Mabel herself.
She seems to have perfected the 'is this a joke?' look whenever something she dislikes is served up to her. I mentioned before about the large bag of dry food that the boyfriend bought her? The cat he had as a child happily grew up on the exact same brand of dry food. He lived to be a ripe old age but it was not to fussy little Mabel's liking and she only sniffed it briefly and turned away! This isn't a situation we want to (or can afford to) repeat! We've tried other dry food brands (in MUCH smaller bags) and she'll pick at them but it's really only the wet food she's interested in. She'll run to the wet food and always seems satisfied afterwards.

I am more than happy to change her diet to one that's better for her... I just need to know what a better diet is!

Friday, 30 April 2010

Mabel's story

Before Mabel moved in to commandeer the house, I spent a lot of my spare time browsing websites and visiting cat shelters to find her.
I guess old habits die hard because I still occasionally look at the websites I used to help in the search for her.
I'm not looking for another cat (or heaven forbid a replacement!) but I've had my eyes opened to a whole new world that I find really sad.
There are so many unwanted cats waiting patently for a new home. I really had no idea that there were so many. It makes me want to bring them all home.

Mabel was one of the lucky ones. She wasn't ever a stray or mistreated. I can tell by her furry little ways that she was loved and well looked after by her previous owner.
I was told at the shelter that Mabel and her sister had been brought in by a 17 year old girl. She had moved in to her first home and bought the 2 furry little kittens to keep her company.
She had to give up both her kittens and her flat and move back home with her parents because she simply couldn't afford to keep them.

Lucky for Mabel she was only in the shelter for a week before her little pink nose and adorably big paws captured our hearts. I know now that not all kitties are as lucky as her.

Having an ear tickle

Friday, 23 April 2010


Last night Mabel was in super-cute mode so I took a few snaps.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

An education

On Sunday, it will be a whole month since Mabel came to her forever and ever home with us. I said to her on the journey home from the rescue shelter that she didn't need to worry now because she was going to be loved very, very much. She didn't pay much attention, she was too busy gripping on to the sides of the cat carrier for dear life... but I think she understands now.

Mabel with giant paws

A few things I've learnt, with Mabel's help,  in the last month:

>^..^< Don't buy a fancy cat basket. She'll prefer a nap in a cardboard box or on your best black coat that happens to have fallen off the back of a chair.

>^..^<  No matter how comfy kitty looks on the floor she will still jump into the space you were sitting in if you get up for a drink. 

>^..^<  Don't sit back down without looking!

>^..^<  Don't buy expensive big bags of food thinking they'll last and save you money in the long run. That will be the food she turns her nose up at and it will sit on a shelf untouched.

>^..^<  Don't try to fool your kitty by putting aforementioned dry food in with the wet food she loves. She'll eat round it!

>^..^<  Whenever you change the litter tray kitty will use it straight away.

>^..^<  Roll up a ball of kitchen foil. She'll chase it around for hours on end.

>^..^<  When kitty brings the foil ball to you and drops it at your feet remember she is not a dog. If you kick it away for her to chase again she'll be disgusted (if looks could kill I'd be dead)!

>^..^<  Get a fire guard before you get the kitty home. White paws, black dust and lots of little black paw prints are not a happy sight to come home to.

>^..^<  Cats love to climb so if you can't find her but can hear her try looking up!

>^..^<  Don't take your eyes of your ice cream for a second.

In other news... I've decided to join the world of twitter. I thought it would be interesting to try my hand at a spot of kitty twitter!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mabel Fan Club

I've just been home (from work) to see Mabel during my lunch hour. She seems to like it when I visit her during the day. I think it's because she's usually just woken up from one of her many naps but she's always so affectionate.
She loves a fuss and runs to curl up on my knee, pressing her little face against mine over and over again. I love this side of her. I like that she plays and has her independent moods but there's nothing that makes me happier at the moment that her loud purr and little kisses. I wish I could stay all day.

I'm a fully signed up member of the 'Mabel Fan Club' now. I love her to bits. We think (as I'm sure every cat owner does) we have found our perfect kitty. All the worry of finding her seems like ancient history. She surprises us everyday.

Last week we had a family get together and I had seven people in the house to cook for. I wasn't worried but I was apprehensive about how Mabel would react to that amount of people in her new home. She's never had so many visitors! I made sure she had lots of places to hide away if she wanted to but she was an angel. She entertained everyone with her cat dancer (fantastic recommendation) and made sure everyone that wanted one got a cuddle. I was so proud of her. I also introduced her to two of my girlfriends this weekend and they were instantly charmed. Even my dad, who's not a huge cat fan, can't help but smile when I tell him the latest story about her cheeky ways.
There'll be many more members of the 'Mabel Fan Club' before we know it I can tell.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Mabel Mystery

We had a Mabel mystery this week.
It was such a lovely weekend that we decided she might like to venture outside for a sniff and an explore.
I popped to the pet shop and bought her a harness and a lead. I was worried she wouldn't let me put it on her but she enjoyed the attention and it went on straight away. She even seemed to lift her legs to help!
Then the mysterious bit happened... she lied down!

Whenever she had the harness (or even half of it) on she lied down. It doesn't seem to be a 'don't like it' lie down because she never struggles to get out of it or scratches at it.
She seems quite happy to have it on, almost too happy. It just seems to make her sleepy! Even when the harness is off she rolls on it and likes to like on it.

The second attempt was much the same. I checked that it wasn't too tight and that no fur was trapped in it and still she lied there, wanting cuddles. We picked her up and put her gently in the garden by the door. We thought she might forget her sleepiness once she had the outside world to sniff at but after just a few minutes of sitting still she lied down again. 
That put an end to her first experience of the big wide world.

We are completely stumped. Can anyone shed any light on why she might be doing this?

Friday, 9 April 2010


It's almost two weeks now since Mabel came to live with us. 
The name Mabel has stuck. We tried a few others for size but she seems to suit Mabel more and she even comes to me or shouts back when I call her by it now.

The first few weeks have been a sharp learning curve but have also been so much fun. We've been busy getting to know each other which leaves less time for blogging. 

She's still adorable but has changed so much from the kittencat we first brought home. She still shows us lots of affection but not quite as much. She has far too much licking, sleeping, eating, sniffing, climbing and playing to do to be giving us attention! When she is ready for cuddles she'll sit on my knee (or the boyfriends belly) and curl up in to a little purring ball. 
She's gained even more confidence and has started to play and have her 'mad half hour' running from room to room and chasing anything that moves. Her favourite toy is a simple little ball I made out of rolled up kitchen foil. She favours it over any of her bought toys and can play with for hours! She makes us laugh out loud.

I've really fallen in love with her. 
I went out for dinner with a friend this week and took my camera with me to show off my (many) Mabel photos. Like a proud mum!
I didn't actually believe that I'd ever fully turn in to a cat person but I don't know how we were without her now. She never fails to make me smile and I'm starting to get why people love cats so much. I'm beginning to understand what all the fuss is about.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Kitty has been with us 3 days now. She's gaining in confidence all the time and is becoming a little cheeky chops!

She's still showing us all the affection she was when she arrived but now she's a lot more vocal about it. She always has something to say. She likes to watch the birds from the window with wide eyes and gives a strange little woofing noise as they zoom past. She's no fool either. She's started to work out when we're going out or putting her to bed. She runs to any door we're trying to close and refuses to budge so we can't shut it. 

She's still semi-nameless but we have been calling her Mabel. Mabel Mischief! It's the name we keep coming back to but it just doesn't seem to quite fit yet. Maybe it will grow on her or maybe something perfect will spring into one of our minds as she's cheekily peaking over a cushion to see what's cooking in the kitchen!

Other ideas are Marble (variation on Mabel), Pickle, Biscuit, Olive and Libby (she's such a diva and a show off that she reminds us of Liberace when she's reclining on her blanket demanding attention). 

I'm loving watch her little furry personality unfold.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Yesterday was C day!

I woke up nervous and excited and couldn't wait to pick that little kittencat up.

It's been almost a month since we started out on the search for our kitty. During that time I've spent a lot of time reading articles online and in books about what to expect when you bring your first cat home. 

I was prepared. Before we went to collect her I checked her designated 'safe' room (as I was told to do in most of the hundred articles I'd read). There was fresh water, toys, a warm basket, littler tray, scratching mat and food at the ready. I even got down on my hands and knees to view things from 'a cat's perspective' as I'd been advised. Everything was ready.

Very shortly after we had arrived at the shelter (a little early and very eager) we were cat owners! The kitty (she still doesn't have a definite name!) was put in to our cat carrier and we were on our way home. I talked to her all the way, reassuring her like I had read to do. She didn't look very happy about the situation but she was calm. So far so good I thought.

I was nervous about the kind of day we had ahead of us. I knew there was every chance that when we arrived home she might stay in her carrier until she gained in confidence and that she might well run to the nearest nook or cranny and stay there (some articles said) for up to 3 days before she wanted attention. I was prepared to leave it on her terms.

As soon as we got home I took her to her safe room, took a deep breath, opened the carrier door and stood back. At first she peeped up at me with a little confused look on her face then she wandered round the small room, bobbing her head up and down, taking in every little sight, sound and smell. I sat on the floor to watch her quietly. As soon as I did she stopped, looked at me and then came straight over and sat on my knee purring and rolling on me like a cat that had known me all her life! 

She didn't do anything I expected her to do. Within an hour it was as though we'd always had her. I was so pleasantly surprised at how at home she seemed so soon. 
She's super affectionate and loves anyone that is giving her attention. She's what, in the North of England, we would call 'a right soft lump'! I think she's going to fit right in.

Her first day....

Friday, 26 March 2010

Just a line to say...

Friday has been a long time coming for me this week. It feels like it's been the longest week ever, ever and it's still not Sunday!

Only 2 more sleeps... if I can sleep!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

4 more sleeps

I can't stop looking at the photos of our little kittencat! I wish I'd taken more than two because it just doesn't seem enough!
I've realised, as far as waiting for her to be ours is concerned, patience is not one of my virtues.

We are both so excited and busily preparing for her arrival. 
She is going to the vets this week to be spayed, which is why we have to wait until Sunday to collect her.
We are hoping to go as early as we can on Sunday. The sooner we have her home the more time the three of us can spend getting to know each other.

In the meantime we are making sure we have all the bits and bobs she could possibly need. I think we have managed to get just about everything on our tick list now... and probably more besides. She already has her own designated kitchen cupboard that is gradually filling up. 
Most of our recent conversations have been spent going through possible names. We must have suggested hundreds between us and the short list is anything but short.

She's slowly taking over our lives and she hasn't even arrived yet! There are only 4 more sleeps though.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Today... it happened!

Today has been THE most exciting cat hunting day.
Me and the boyfriend set off on the look out for our kitty again this morning. We met a lovely lady with contented cats in every available corner of her home. She has seven pet cats of her own and takes care of several more until they find new homes.

She showed us in to a cat house which was (temporary) home to about ten cats. She briefly introduced us to each one and left us, ensuring us that all were friendly, to get to know them. She was showing another couple some of her older cats which gave us plenty of time for cuddles and tickles.

Every single cat in that cat house was beautiful and it was hard to know which little mewing face to give attention to next. One face of all those faces looking out at us seemed to look the longest and the hardest.
I took her out of her cage to see how she'd respond to being handled and to me!

I kept the advice I've been given in my mind "your kitty will find you".

I knew the boyfriend liked her. He was busy chatting to a gorgeous ginger tom but I knew at 8 months old she was exactly the age he would prefer. She was long haired which he loves and holding her for just a few moments I knew she was affectionate and happy to be held. She even gave me a purrrrr as I tickled her ears.

When I put her gently back in her cage she started to meow again and pawed the bars. I couldn't resist getting her back out and as a thank you she brushed her soft little nose against mine twice. That was it, I was won over and I felt like she had, indeed, picked me.

When I passed her over to the boyfriend she did the same to him, pawing, padding and purring all the time.

We both realised, this was the kittencat for us.
I'm so happy to say... we will pick her up next Sunday. Our cat carrier will finally come back full.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Questions, questions!

It's Friday again. Fingers crossed we will do some kitty hunting this weekend.
We have been given the details of a lady who takes unloved cats in to be re-homed and we are hoping to pop in to see her and meet her cats on Sunday.

If we do get our kitty on Sunday what is the best way to introduce it to us and the house?
I suddenly started thinking that it must be very strange for a kitty being packed up and brought to a new family. Obviously we don't let it outside for a while but should we let it get used to one room first or give it the whole house to wander?
Should we let it explore alone or try to introduce ourselves first? 
Do we need to cat proof the house in some way?
How can we make it feel at home as soon as possible?

Phew! I have more questions about this than I realised!

Monday, 15 March 2010


I've had a quiet cat week this week. 
I did lovingly clean the cat carrier (again) and the littler tray we were given but we didn't get any further in the search for our kittencat. We've visited the cat shelter 3 times in 2 weeks so we decided to have a weekend off from cat hunting.

The shelter we have been visiting is a safe haven for abandoned, unwanted and neglected cats and kittens. They never have healthy cats put to sleep. This is one of the reasons I'm so keen to find our cat there. 
We will pay a £45 donation fee when we finally find our kitty. It will be have had a trip to the vet and have been neutered and microchipped. I'm learning more about the process every day. 

I've been reading lots of information on the web and some of the stories break my heart.
As nice as everyone is at the rescue centre I'm determined that when we find our kitty (or it finds us!) it will never find it's self in a shelter again. I'm determined I wont fail my cat even though it will be my first. 

I know, because I've never had a cat before that there will be a lot of learning to do... but then again, my cat has never had a Caroline before either. Hopefully we can learn together.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Not yet

Still no kitty for Caroline!
I think this process is going to be a little longer than my patience would like.

We visited the cat shelter again on Sunday but, sadly, all the new cats were in pairs. 
I saw the tiny little kittens (from the photograph below). A very tired mum and six gorgeous balls of fluff. As they all cuddled up for a sleep it was hard to see where one ended and the next began.
Kittens are very hard to resist. Especially super fluffy ones like these, but my heart is set on giving an older cat a new home. Not one of those kittens will have any problem at all charming a new owner with their sweet faces and piercing blue eyes.

I was really disappointed when we left the center. We keep taking the empty cat carrier in and out of the car. I just get so excited. I love giving the cats a cuddle but I think once a week might be too often to visit them. 

As well as the visit to the shelter we also did some extra investigating this weekend. We managed to find the details of another local shelter. We have left a message with the lady that runs it and I'm hoping we will hear back very soon. Maybe she has our kitty.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Chins to tickle

I'm feeling excited today. Tomorrow is Sunday which means our second visit to the cat rescue center.
There have been a few new additions to the adoption page of the center website since we were there last week so I'm hopeful there will be a few new friendly chins to tickle.

We'll head off tomorrow with our cat carrier and see how it goes.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Almost the weekend

It's almost a week since we first visited the cat shelter and what a week it's been.

The kitten the boyfriend saw on Wednesday wont be ready for 6 to 8 weeks but a kitten will always find a home. People are enquiring about him and his brothers and sisters already.
I think we'd be better with an older kitty. One that needs another chance in life and one that doesn't need as much from us. Neither of us have experience in looking after a new kitten. 

I emailed someone yesterday about a grey tabby that they can no longer care for but no reply as yet. I've also noticed that on the cat shelter website there have been some new cats added, ready for adoption. Perhaps we will go back on Sunday and pay them a visit.

We will just have to keep looking. 
I know our kitty must be out there somewhere. In the meantime the nice warm rug in front of the fire, perfect for a sleepy kitty, is still going to waste.

A little post and a big thank you

I just wanted to create a little post to say a big thank you to TK for featuring my blog and for all the messages I've had. I'm so pleased to know that there are lots of lovely people (and kitties) out there that are willing to offer advice and support during my search and adoption of the puurrrrfect friend.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Old William

I'm updating thick and fast today... and still no cat!

The boyfriend has been to the rescue center and decided at 9 years old William is a bit too old for us. He's had a cat before but I never have. We'll be a loving, caring home but we're not experienced owners. Apparently William is a bit of a drooler! Not Williams fault but not something we have any idea about. Sadly, we don't think we are right for William.

Last night we couldn't decide which one we wanted and considered getting both. Now we can't have either.
I didn't realise getting a cat would be so emotional!

On the bright side the boyfriend did send me the picture below with the message "He'll be ready in one month".

See ya Simon

It would seem I'm not the only person that was on team Simon. He's going to his new home on Saturday and it's not ours.
I knew it was a bad idea getting so attached to the idea of Simon coming home with us. I will admit that I did have to hold a tear or two back when I got the message. I'd even (stupidly) popped to the supermarket during my lunch hour to get him some cat food.

The boyfriend is going to have a second look at William this afternoon. William was lovely but I'm now too disappointed to be excited. I hope he likes kitten biscuits.

Closer and closer

Another night of kittencatten discussion last night.
Whenever I think I'm close to being sure which one of those little kitties should come home with us my mind wanders back to the other one. I'm traditionally terrible at making decisions.
At one point, during last night's pie and mash we considered getting them both but we don't know if they would get along together or even whether we could cope with two new cats at once. It would just add stress to the situation. It would solve one problem only to create others.

So, I've left it in the hands of the boyfriend. He set off to work this morning armed with the cat rescue center number and afternoon opening times. I think his plan is to call them and see if both or either cat is still available and take it from there. The decision is in his hands. I'll just wait to hear from him this afternoon... and try to concentrate on some work until then!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Team Simon

I seem to have become slightly obsessed with our future cat adoption! All I seem to have done for the last few days is look at cat flaps, cat beds, food, names and hints and tips for pet care.
On Saturday I was fairly indifferent to the idea and now I just can't wait to start loving our cat and for it to start loving us.

I am nervous that I've become a little bit too attached to the idea of Simon coming home with us.

The boyfriend still wont budge. However many cups of tea I make him he's staying firmly on team William!
Meanwhile... on team Simon, I'm worried he wont still be there when we go back. The rescue center told us that they have a high turn over of cats and that kittens ( Simon is classed as a kitten) tend to be easier to home than the older cats. Maybe someone else saw in Simon what I did and he's gone to a new home already. 
Will I find another kittencat that makes me this excited about having one around?

Monday, 1 March 2010

We're getting a cat

We're getting a cat. It's been decided and, although I'm much more of a dog person, I'll admit that I'm getting quite excited.

It's taken me a while to warm to the idea. In fact, I hadn't even warmed to the idea on the journey to or arrival at the Cat Rescue Center on Sunday.
I looked in a few cages, peered at a few cats and stroked the ones that looked least likely to take my hand off.

The boyfriend (the instigator of the adoption) loves cats. He has spent weeks trying to convince me that cats are a fantastic pets. I don't really doubt that they are but I'd just like them to be a bit more... like dogs! That's been my stubborn answer to all his questions too. 
Q - "What's your favourite breed of cat?" 
A - "A dog."
Not very helpful I know but, try as I might, I just couldn't get excited by the idea of a cat.

A friendly volunteer introduced us to one cat after another. About 10 in total. 
One caught the boyfriend's eye. A nine year old black male named William who's owner had gone into residential care and was no longer able to look after him. He had only been at the center a day. He was friendly and enjoyed us fussing over him. I felt sorry for him. He was obviously well looked after for the past 9 years and, although the rescue center is lovely, he was probably a little confused as to why he had suddenly found himself in a cage. The boyfriend was smitten. 

We were just being told that we had seen all the cats available when a second volunteer mentioned that there were two kittens in the kitten house that would be ready for adoption by next weekend. We were shown in to the kitten house and that's when it happened! I saw Simon. An eight month old white kittencat with black patches and the biggest yawn I've ever seen. I gave him a stroke and I even held him. He was happy to be picked up and was nosily looking over my shoulder at everything that was going on.
He was nothing like a dog. He was very much a cat but I loved him. He was friendly, inquisitive and cute. That threw a spanner in the works!
The boyfriend likes William and I, despite myself, am won over by Simon.

We didn't come away with a cat. We went for lunch and talked about nothing else! Each one of us trying to convince the other that the cat we favoured was the one for us.
We've discussed and discussed it since we left the rescue center. We are still undecided but we are planning to go back next Sunday if not before. Maybe by then I'll have talked the boyfriend into loving Simon or maybe he'll have persuaded me that William needs us. Maybe they will both have gone to new homes already.

I don't know if we'll end up adopting Simon (or William) but I do know that whatever cat we get it will be Simon that helped me love it.
I think I might be a cat convert.