Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Closer and closer

Another night of kittencatten discussion last night.
Whenever I think I'm close to being sure which one of those little kitties should come home with us my mind wanders back to the other one. I'm traditionally terrible at making decisions.
At one point, during last night's pie and mash we considered getting them both but we don't know if they would get along together or even whether we could cope with two new cats at once. It would just add stress to the situation. It would solve one problem only to create others.

So, I've left it in the hands of the boyfriend. He set off to work this morning armed with the cat rescue center number and afternoon opening times. I think his plan is to call them and see if both or either cat is still available and take it from there. The decision is in his hands. I'll just wait to hear from him this afternoon... and try to concentrate on some work until then!

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