Wednesday, 24 March 2010

4 more sleeps

I can't stop looking at the photos of our little kittencat! I wish I'd taken more than two because it just doesn't seem enough!
I've realised, as far as waiting for her to be ours is concerned, patience is not one of my virtues.

We are both so excited and busily preparing for her arrival. 
She is going to the vets this week to be spayed, which is why we have to wait until Sunday to collect her.
We are hoping to go as early as we can on Sunday. The sooner we have her home the more time the three of us can spend getting to know each other.

In the meantime we are making sure we have all the bits and bobs she could possibly need. I think we have managed to get just about everything on our tick list now... and probably more besides. She already has her own designated kitchen cupboard that is gradually filling up. 
Most of our recent conversations have been spent going through possible names. We must have suggested hundreds between us and the short list is anything but short.

She's slowly taking over our lives and she hasn't even arrived yet! There are only 4 more sleeps though.


  1. WOO~HOO...can't wait to find out what you're going to name her! We told're kittie will pick you! MOL!!!

  2. Oh how exciting it has to be!! Heck, I am excited for you! For cat toys, if she is still young, she may not be into the catnip yet - but sometimes it kicks in a bit after they are spayed/neutered. Don't know why but we have had that a couple times with our cats. Also can I recommend either a "Cat Dancer" or "Da Bird" - those seem very popular among both my cats and the blogs I follow. And if you think of any questions, let us all know and we can help out - and be sure to post a lot of pics too because we are super excited to see her first day home (plus if you post them and then your computer crashes you have the ones you posted at least - that I can tell you from experience!)

  3. This is so exciting!

    It's amazing how these Beings take over our lives...She'll have you both trained in no time at all, to answer her every whim. :-)

  4. It is so exciting to prepare for your baby's arrival; Sunday will be a lovely, sweet reunion for you all!...I can't wait to see more pictures, find out her name and hear all about your life together!...She is so special, she will always be your first baby!!

  5. This is oh-so very exciting. I bet she-who-is-yet-to-be-named is just as excited as you are. I know when we came home from the shelter we were excited/happy and just a little bit scared.
    It might takes a bit fur her to realize that this is going to be her furrever home and you her furrever human-bean. So be patient while she gets over her scared. I promises she will.
    Lots of picshurs, you only has one chance to take the first-day ones.

  6. Yes, please, lots of pictures!

  7. We're so excited for you too!! Your wee girl is just lovely and you are going to have so much fun together.

    We can't wait to hear about your Sunday adventure.

  8. I'm so excited for you, too! I second the paws-up on the Cat Dancer; it is one of our favorite toys.

  9. Oh! There will definitely be photographs I can promise you that!

    The lady at the cat shelter said that kitty had spent a day hiding in her blankets when she first arrived with her so I'm expecting her to be a little bit shy at first. I just can't wait now and it's so nice to have lots of people to share my excitement with through the wonderful kitty blogosphere.

    I'll go and search for a Cat Dancer now, they sound like fun!