Wednesday, 3 March 2010

See ya Simon

It would seem I'm not the only person that was on team Simon. He's going to his new home on Saturday and it's not ours.
I knew it was a bad idea getting so attached to the idea of Simon coming home with us. I will admit that I did have to hold a tear or two back when I got the message. I'd even (stupidly) popped to the supermarket during my lunch hour to get him some cat food.

The boyfriend is going to have a second look at William this afternoon. William was lovely but I'm now too disappointed to be excited. I hope he likes kitten biscuits.


  1. Hi Caroline! We comes by to see your blogs. Seems you has a fun time looking for a kitty.
    Please don't feel sad about Simon. Whenever a kitty gets a home, it is a good thing. There are lots of kitties that needs a good home!
    We will gives your blog a shout-out today so hopefully you gets new visitors who can helps you feel better.
    Thanks fur looking at getting a kitty. Our lifes were terrible until we founds our mommy!

  2. You're right, it is good that he has a new home even if it isn't mine.
    Your message made me smile. Thank you.