Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Kitty has been with us 3 days now. She's gaining in confidence all the time and is becoming a little cheeky chops!

She's still showing us all the affection she was when she arrived but now she's a lot more vocal about it. She always has something to say. She likes to watch the birds from the window with wide eyes and gives a strange little woofing noise as they zoom past. She's no fool either. She's started to work out when we're going out or putting her to bed. She runs to any door we're trying to close and refuses to budge so we can't shut it. 

She's still semi-nameless but we have been calling her Mabel. Mabel Mischief! It's the name we keep coming back to but it just doesn't seem to quite fit yet. Maybe it will grow on her or maybe something perfect will spring into one of our minds as she's cheekily peaking over a cushion to see what's cooking in the kitchen!

Other ideas are Marble (variation on Mabel), Pickle, Biscuit, Olive and Libby (she's such a diva and a show off that she reminds us of Liberace when she's reclining on her blanket demanding attention). 

I'm loving watch her little furry personality unfold.


  1. What a doll she is!

    When I adopted my first cat, Chumley (he had been abandoned, then at the shelter for a couples of months), it took him a long time to realize that when I left the house I was coming back, that *I* wasn't abandoning him.

    She might have her own issues to sort out, as well--i.e. needing to be close to you, unsure of what your leaving the house means, etc.

    Emphasis on the "might," since I don't know her! LOL!

  2. Talkative cats are the greatest! She's going to be such a good companion for you.

    Sometimes it does take time to find the perfect name. Harley's name at the shelter was "Neptune" and he almost got named Dexter!

  3. Kea is right about wondering if you will come back; it might take a while for her to feel secure...She is a gorgeous little girl; that first photo is too adorable!...It's great that she's talking to you guys so much=she loves you and has a lot to say!!...Wait for her name and you will know when it's the perfect one!...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  4. I agree about the worry about you coming back. But she will learn that you aren't going to abandon her - it just takes time. I always feel horrible when I take my two youngest to the vet because they get upset and I think they are afraid I am abandoning them (because they were both left at our vets - one in a box at the door even). But I know they will learn that it is ok.

    And I have to say I love Mabel - we were taking about kitten names - we hope to get one or two more this year (if there were two together we would take both - otherwise it is one). We had 1 girls name and 2 boys names, but if we did get two and they were girls we needed a second name and the one we decided on was Mabel. Two of our current cats were easy to name and two were harder. Sometimes they just come to you and sometimes you have to try them out!

  5. She is gorgeous! We think Mable is adorable! When you try to put her in her room, she probably blocks the door because she wants to reassure herself, you will still be there. And talkative? That's great! Cricket is extremely talkative as well as Skeeter. Mom always knows what they want too. Wishing you all the best...

  6. Awww little sweetie. I love to chatter to birds too, and mum doesn't close any doors in the house to me.

    Your girl is bootiful.

  7. Kea's response makes a lot of sense. I know my guys get nervous when we put them in their carriers too. It does seem that she is feeling comfortable. I'm so glad you found each other.

    One thing you might want to consider is what she is used to being called. Did she have a name at her previous home? You might want to consider something that is simular. Or get prepped to do the conversion. TK came with the name "Tiny", which he had been called for 10 years. We started calling him TK because everyone laughed at him because he isn't so tiny.

    To get him converted we always put TINY in the phrase when we were calling him to eat or get brushed. So we would call "TK... Tiny". Gradually he started to react as soon as he heard the "TK" and we dropped the "Tiny" part completely.

    Just a thought.

    Have fun!

  8. I think you are all right and she is probably still a little uncertain about whether we are coming back. She does always seem very pleased and almost surprised to see us when we go down to feed and cuddle her in the mornings. I'm sure, once she understands that she's home, she'll stop standing in doorways. Bless her!

  9. Whatever her name ends up being, she's one lucky girl, and gorgeous too! It'll take a while for her to feel completely comfortable with you and in her new home, but she will. I'm the most talkative one in our family.