Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Team Simon

I seem to have become slightly obsessed with our future cat adoption! All I seem to have done for the last few days is look at cat flaps, cat beds, food, names and hints and tips for pet care.
On Saturday I was fairly indifferent to the idea and now I just can't wait to start loving our cat and for it to start loving us.

I am nervous that I've become a little bit too attached to the idea of Simon coming home with us.

The boyfriend still wont budge. However many cups of tea I make him he's staying firmly on team William!
Meanwhile... on team Simon, I'm worried he wont still be there when we go back. The rescue center told us that they have a high turn over of cats and that kittens ( Simon is classed as a kitten) tend to be easier to home than the older cats. Maybe someone else saw in Simon what I did and he's gone to a new home already. 
Will I find another kittencat that makes me this excited about having one around?

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