Monday, 15 March 2010


I've had a quiet cat week this week. 
I did lovingly clean the cat carrier (again) and the littler tray we were given but we didn't get any further in the search for our kittencat. We've visited the cat shelter 3 times in 2 weeks so we decided to have a weekend off from cat hunting.

The shelter we have been visiting is a safe haven for abandoned, unwanted and neglected cats and kittens. They never have healthy cats put to sleep. This is one of the reasons I'm so keen to find our cat there. 
We will pay a £45 donation fee when we finally find our kitty. It will be have had a trip to the vet and have been neutered and microchipped. I'm learning more about the process every day. 

I've been reading lots of information on the web and some of the stories break my heart.
As nice as everyone is at the rescue centre I'm determined that when we find our kitty (or it finds us!) it will never find it's self in a shelter again. I'm determined I wont fail my cat even though it will be my first. 

I know, because I've never had a cat before that there will be a lot of learning to do... but then again, my cat has never had a Caroline before either. Hopefully we can learn together.


  1. Don't worry you will be a great cat mom! Anyone doing as much research as you are would have to be! We all make mistakes even those of us who have had kitties a long time. And there are always the "what if" moments. You are lucky - you can always come to all us cat bloggers who have experience for questions - when I got my first cat on my own (I grew up with them), there wasn't an internet to check or blogs to vist for advice! You can always come to any of us for help - I reconize a bunch of your followers as blog friends I have and I know they are great for helping with advice and support - it honestly amazes me what wonderful support I have gotten from the cat (and dog) moms out there!

  2. I say don't worry, either. Chumley was my first and he was very forgiving of me, especially as I adopted him at a difficult time in my life. I would say do the most research on food, because cats are obligate carnivores and what's in most cat food that is commonly sold is rather scary. Good food and a good vet are two necessities! The rest is easier, because in short order the cat will have YOU trained to meet its every whim. LOL.

  3. Nothing to worry about, you will teach each other and your bond with your kitty will be awesome, just full of love!!

  4. Oh you will be a wonderful cat mom Caroline, you obviously care a lot.
    BTW I wanted to compliment you on your graphics. I noticed on your profile that you are an artist. You are very talented!

  5. There is some lucky kitty out there just waiting for you!

    I agree with Kea about checking into cat nutrition. My Mommeh wishes she had learned about that sooner. We eat a raw food diet; it's easy here because they sell frozen medallions that we just thaw the night before. Raw isn't for everyone, but look for a high-quality grain free food if you can. Cats need to eat meat, not corn!

  6. Don't worry! The right one will come along! Meowm picked me (Junior) off of a rescue website! And she picked my brother, Orion, up at work-he had been dropped by someone, so she brought him home.

  7. Caroline, like all the others we want to say don't worry. I have lived with lots of cats all my life, and all with very different personalities. But each and every one of them has been loving and loved their life. You will be a fabulous cat mum and we know the right one will come your way soon.

  8. Hello Caroline, I hope your hunt for your own kitty comes up trumps soon. I saw you briefly mention getting two cats - well, sometimes shelters have a pair of cats who are bonded and parting them would be the last thing the shelter would want to do. Could you offer a home to a bonded pair of cats? You'd have no worries about them getting on.

    Kea and Daisy are right about nutrition. You are in the UK, so are we. Getting hold of decent grain/cereal/filler free wet food is really difficult over here (in America they have lots of different quality grain free foods) We've hunted far and wide and the only two we found that you can get in the UK, were Bozita (from Sweden, but you can get it from Seapets online) and surprisingly Butchers Classic Cat Food (supermarkets sell it) It's cheap, but it smells very good and we love it for a change.

    The right kitty (kitties) will find you very soon!

    Whicky Wuudler