Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Not yet

Still no kitty for Caroline!
I think this process is going to be a little longer than my patience would like.

We visited the cat shelter again on Sunday but, sadly, all the new cats were in pairs. 
I saw the tiny little kittens (from the photograph below). A very tired mum and six gorgeous balls of fluff. As they all cuddled up for a sleep it was hard to see where one ended and the next began.
Kittens are very hard to resist. Especially super fluffy ones like these, but my heart is set on giving an older cat a new home. Not one of those kittens will have any problem at all charming a new owner with their sweet faces and piercing blue eyes.

I was really disappointed when we left the center. We keep taking the empty cat carrier in and out of the car. I just get so excited. I love giving the cats a cuddle but I think once a week might be too often to visit them. 

As well as the visit to the shelter we also did some extra investigating this weekend. We managed to find the details of another local shelter. We have left a message with the lady that runs it and I'm hoping we will hear back very soon. Maybe she has our kitty.


  1. I think you have to turn it over to the Universe, Goddess Bastet, whatever or whoever. :-)

    Have you done any searching via PetFinder?

  2. Your kitty will find you, believe it or not, he or she is looking for you right now.

  3. Yes, I agree with Kea and Brian=your kitty will find you and you will know it is yours as soon as you see it...Indeed, listening to the universe has given me my best gifts...Be patient, it will happen soon.

  4. We think very soon, the right kittie will FIND YOU!!! All in due time! You'll both now it too!

  5. Sounds like you is making all the right moves!
    Hang in there. (I love that Brian says he/she is looking for you even now. What a great thought.)

  6. You will find the right kitty at the right moment for both of you.

  7. Hi, we just heard about you from TK and the Cat Blogosphere and wanted to drop by and find out more about your search. We're glad to hear you are going to give a shelter cat a home. After seeing so many cats, you are sure to choose one that will be very well-loved. Good luck!

  8. Hey Caroline has you seen the kitties Brian has on his post?

  9. Those kitties Brian has on his post are beautiful! I so wish I could help by giving them the home they deserve but I'm in the UK. I hate to think that Tommy and Gracie have had to go to-and-fro for the last 7 months. Poor little things.