Friday, 9 April 2010


It's almost two weeks now since Mabel came to live with us. 
The name Mabel has stuck. We tried a few others for size but she seems to suit Mabel more and she even comes to me or shouts back when I call her by it now.

The first few weeks have been a sharp learning curve but have also been so much fun. We've been busy getting to know each other which leaves less time for blogging. 

She's still adorable but has changed so much from the kittencat we first brought home. She still shows us lots of affection but not quite as much. She has far too much licking, sleeping, eating, sniffing, climbing and playing to do to be giving us attention! When she is ready for cuddles she'll sit on my knee (or the boyfriends belly) and curl up in to a little purring ball. 
She's gained even more confidence and has started to play and have her 'mad half hour' running from room to room and chasing anything that moves. Her favourite toy is a simple little ball I made out of rolled up kitchen foil. She favours it over any of her bought toys and can play with for hours! She makes us laugh out loud.

I've really fallen in love with her. 
I went out for dinner with a friend this week and took my camera with me to show off my (many) Mabel photos. Like a proud mum!
I didn't actually believe that I'd ever fully turn in to a cat person but I don't know how we were without her now. She never fails to make me smile and I'm starting to get why people love cats so much. I'm beginning to understand what all the fuss is about.


  1. Oh we were soooo excited to see your new post. Hi sweet Mabel, your name suits you. Sounds like you and your mum and dad are learning to fit in with each other, and figure everything out.

    We hope we get to share lots more of your adventures, we come looking every day to see a new post.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. I knew you would fall in love!

  3. She looks just fabulous!

    Yeah, I never was a "cat person" either, until I adopted Chumley, then Annie....then Nicki and Derry! :-)

    So glad she's settled in so well!

  4. We are so happy fur all of you!
    So now that you are a cat-lady, you has found the most fundemental rule abouts us- no matter how much you spend on toys, its the boxes, ties and rolled balls of stuff we loves the most.
    My mommy Laffed when she sees that you brings your camera to shows your friends. It is a lot like having a baby- only we don't spit vile milk-like substances.

  5. It sounds like everything has worked out well; glad you guys are getting settled in with each other...Mabel is a beauty and she sounds like a real sweetheart...Yes, we think you have become an official cat woman!!...Happy weekend...Kisses to Mabel...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Glad you guys are getting to really know eachother and things are melding into place. It does take some time when you bring a new animal into a home. Lots of exploring, and all the other things you mentioned. So now an official welcome to...

    The Crazy Cat Mommy Club!!!

  7. Yay we are so glad things are going so well! And Mabel is such a beautiful girl! And it is great that she is getting comfortable and playing a lot - I recommend trying to get in some playtime before bed to help her sleep (I try that at home when I can). And I agree - it really sounds like you are becoming a cat woman!