Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mabel Fan Club

I've just been home (from work) to see Mabel during my lunch hour. She seems to like it when I visit her during the day. I think it's because she's usually just woken up from one of her many naps but she's always so affectionate.
She loves a fuss and runs to curl up on my knee, pressing her little face against mine over and over again. I love this side of her. I like that she plays and has her independent moods but there's nothing that makes me happier at the moment that her loud purr and little kisses. I wish I could stay all day.

I'm a fully signed up member of the 'Mabel Fan Club' now. I love her to bits. We think (as I'm sure every cat owner does) we have found our perfect kitty. All the worry of finding her seems like ancient history. She surprises us everyday.

Last week we had a family get together and I had seven people in the house to cook for. I wasn't worried but I was apprehensive about how Mabel would react to that amount of people in her new home. She's never had so many visitors! I made sure she had lots of places to hide away if she wanted to but she was an angel. She entertained everyone with her cat dancer (fantastic recommendation) and made sure everyone that wanted one got a cuddle. I was so proud of her. I also introduced her to two of my girlfriends this weekend and they were instantly charmed. Even my dad, who's not a huge cat fan, can't help but smile when I tell him the latest story about her cheeky ways.
There'll be many more members of the 'Mabel Fan Club' before we know it I can tell.


  1. It's lovely that she's fit right in, no problems! She did very well with so many people around; mine would have run off, I think. Well, Nicki would hang around to see what's what, but not to be cuddled. :-)

  2. YAY~!!! That is fantastic news! Kittie's are ALWAYS surprising us with their antics. Glad she melded her way right into your lives and home. She is gorgeous!

  3. We are so glad you finds your purrfect kitty! Sounds like she is feeling comfy. Showing-off for your guests is a good sign that she feels secure in her new home with her new mommy.

    We knows you are a profeshunal grafic person, your picshurs with your little cartoon kitteh are wonderful!

    We loves your blog- TK

  4. Yep! Mabel is gonna win more hearts!

  5. Awww everybuddy loves you Mabel.

    When I have lots of visitors I run awaya and hide in the garden. You are such a brave girl.

  6. I love it when someone turns into a cat-lover!

    Mabel is very brave. I run and hide under the bed if I even hear the doorbell.

  7. What a wonderful baby Mabel has turned out to be for you guys!...We are definitely members of The Mabel Fan Club!...Kisses to Mabel...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki