Friday, 30 April 2010

Mabel's story

Before Mabel moved in to commandeer the house, I spent a lot of my spare time browsing websites and visiting cat shelters to find her.
I guess old habits die hard because I still occasionally look at the websites I used to help in the search for her.
I'm not looking for another cat (or heaven forbid a replacement!) but I've had my eyes opened to a whole new world that I find really sad.
There are so many unwanted cats waiting patently for a new home. I really had no idea that there were so many. It makes me want to bring them all home.

Mabel was one of the lucky ones. She wasn't ever a stray or mistreated. I can tell by her furry little ways that she was loved and well looked after by her previous owner.
I was told at the shelter that Mabel and her sister had been brought in by a 17 year old girl. She had moved in to her first home and bought the 2 furry little kittens to keep her company.
She had to give up both her kittens and her flat and move back home with her parents because she simply couldn't afford to keep them.

Lucky for Mabel she was only in the shelter for a week before her little pink nose and adorably big paws captured our hearts. I know now that not all kitties are as lucky as her.

Having an ear tickle


  1. Mabel is a beautiful, lucky girl. All of mine are shelter adoptees. Chumley was abandoned, that's all I ever knew, but I believe he had been mistreated by a man or men, as he was always afraid of males, except my dad. Annie had been a stray, no history. Nicki had been found as a feral kitten when he was between 8 and 10 weeks of age and Derry and his siblings were found when they were between 4 and 5 weeks of age. They all came to me when they were older (Nicki and Derry at 6 months, after they were neutered by the shelter), Annie was close to a year old and Chum was 2 to 3, estimated. Who knows what they went through? It's very sad and very disheartening to know that tens of millions of cats and dogs are euthanized every year across North America, for want of forever homes. I shudder to think about the stats in other parts of the world.

    So give Mabel a kiss from me and tell her how happy I am she has you!

  2. Mabel is a beautiful, lucky girl! It is really sad that there are so many animals waiting for furrever homes and a big majority of them will be put down if they're not adopted. This also breaks our mom's heart too. She had gotten Skeeter and Scooter(RIP) from a girl who used to work with mom's stepdad. She was going to bring them to a shelter when they turned 8 weeks old and mom took them at 5 weeks. King and Pandora were dropped off in a basket at dad's old work (he used to be a vet tech), when they were about 2 days old. He bottled fed the 4 kittens every two hours and decided to keep King and Pandora. And well Cricket??? Mom went to buy dad some beer one day and there was a lady who had 3 kittens in a laundry basket (at the store) and the second mom's eyes met Cricket's, the rest is history. The woman said they showed up on her porch, brought them in, and her son was allergic. Mom couldn't take all 3 (Dad would have made her sleep outside...MOL) but she did give one a furrever home. Mable knows you are her furrever mom and she will show you the most unconditional love there is!

  3. We too can see how easy it would be to end up with 30 cats, as like you we feel sorry for all the ones living their lives in shelters.

    I am a pedigree cat, and came from a good breeder. One who is a vet tech and runs a good breeding program. Mum was in love with British blues, and thought that now would be a good time to get one. Every other cat in her life has been from a shelter or been abandoned and they all have appreciated their new homes and lives full of love.

    We are so pleased that you two found each other, and a life together. Having a cat makes life so much better.

  4. Mabel is a beauty and a lucky girl to have found 2 loving homes already; I'm glad she's in her forever home now...It's funny how your first kitty really makes you fall in love with all kitties; there is something special about an animal that sleeps on your pillow and lives in your home with you...I am a sucker for all animals, but cats own my heart!...Kisses to gorgeous Mabel...Happy weekend.

  5. Yep, it is sad that so many kitties...and woofies need homes. Meowm would take more if she could, but we keep her purrty busy. She does feed the feral kitties outside.

  6. This makes us sad too. Squashies and me were throwed away when we was old. We was very lucky to finds our forever home. Just like Mabel was lucky to finds you.
    It makes us so very happy that you has found each other. Both in need of some loves.
    Mabel is a luck girl to find such a sweet and generous mommy.