Thursday, 22 April 2010

An education

On Sunday, it will be a whole month since Mabel came to her forever and ever home with us. I said to her on the journey home from the rescue shelter that she didn't need to worry now because she was going to be loved very, very much. She didn't pay much attention, she was too busy gripping on to the sides of the cat carrier for dear life... but I think she understands now.

Mabel with giant paws

A few things I've learnt, with Mabel's help,  in the last month:

>^..^< Don't buy a fancy cat basket. She'll prefer a nap in a cardboard box or on your best black coat that happens to have fallen off the back of a chair.

>^..^<  No matter how comfy kitty looks on the floor she will still jump into the space you were sitting in if you get up for a drink. 

>^..^<  Don't sit back down without looking!

>^..^<  Don't buy expensive big bags of food thinking they'll last and save you money in the long run. That will be the food she turns her nose up at and it will sit on a shelf untouched.

>^..^<  Don't try to fool your kitty by putting aforementioned dry food in with the wet food she loves. She'll eat round it!

>^..^<  Whenever you change the litter tray kitty will use it straight away.

>^..^<  Roll up a ball of kitchen foil. She'll chase it around for hours on end.

>^..^<  When kitty brings the foil ball to you and drops it at your feet remember she is not a dog. If you kick it away for her to chase again she'll be disgusted (if looks could kill I'd be dead)!

>^..^<  Get a fire guard before you get the kitty home. White paws, black dust and lots of little black paw prints are not a happy sight to come home to.

>^..^<  Cats love to climb so if you can't find her but can hear her try looking up!

>^..^<  Don't take your eyes of your ice cream for a second.

In other news... I've decided to join the world of twitter. I thought it would be interesting to try my hand at a spot of kitty twitter!


  1. You are so right about the fancy beds. I must have at least a half-dozen beds, and I almost never use them!

  2. See how much you've learned in such a short time? :-)

    I don't have kitty beds for my cats for just that reason. I'm tempted, but always pass because I just know they won't use them. And don't even get me started on the food (and $) I've wasted!

  3. Loved this post. All true here, too. She is beautiful and a very lucky cat.

  4. Thanks so much for becoming a follower. Did I mention that my Mother-in-law'name is Mabel and I love her too. Looking forward to more about little Mabel. Deb =^..^=x6

  5. MOL!!! That is the TRUTH! Mom totally agrees with every single thing! That's because we ALL do it! We are so happy you are such a loved girl, Mabel.

  6. MOL, great post!
    We agrees with everything except the beds. We loves our comfy beds, and we has a LOT of them. Trick is to put them where WE wants to sleep.

    It sure sounds like Mabel is getting you all trained up in short-order.

    Maybe we should have a "my cat doesn't like this" food exchange. All foods must be loved by some cats somewhere.

    Has a great day Caroline and Mabel- TK

  7. Yep, us kitties are fur covered sunshine!

    We sleep in our beds now and then, but mostly we sleep on our cat tree!

    There is nothing like a fresh litterbox!

  8. Mabel is so adorable, love her sweet photo!...Cats are very smart and we can all learn so much from them; the most important=unconditional love!...It sounds like Mabel is training her humans well; I'm so glad you guys have each other, Caroline!

  9. Look at you learning all the cat mum tricks. Having a new cat teaches us soo many things. It is a beautiful picture of sleepy Mabel, we would love to see more.


  10. Hmm, well I agree with most - but you should know that there are kitties out there who learn to fetch. If you keep it up, she could learn. Floyd learned because he would bring his ball on the bed to play with when I was trying to sleep, so I would toss it off. He would just go get it and bring it back. I eventually realized, as did he, that this could be a fun game, and he even learned "go get the ball". None of the other cats took to until Virgil came along and saw him playing - now Virgil plays all the time!

    Mabel is such a gorgeous girl!