Wednesday, 22 September 2010

caught in the act!

We are trying not to give Mabel too many treats. It would be so easy to spoil her but we don't want her to be a big fat unhealthy cat. Of course, we do give her some yummy treats but she also has ways of finding that little bit extra for herself. However hard I try to clear up after cooking she always manages to find something, somewhere! She's often seen licking her lips as she strolls nonchalantly out of the kitchen.
She also likes to sit high up on the sofa arm and wait until we take our eye off anything we're eating! The sofa arm is the perfect place for her to keep a close watch and as soon as we are distracted have a swipe! 


  1. Good job Miss Mabel, you have to train your mum into the way of the cats. I don't like people food, but I love temptations and will beg and beg for some.

  2. WTG Mabel~!!! Hoping you get lots of nommy things today!

  3. Good for you, Mabel! Sometimes it's difficult to train your humans to give you treats on demand, but don't give up, persevere!

  4. Mabel we are totally the same way at our house - we get treats, though not all the time, so we have to find them for ourselves too!

  5. Yes, don't give up...
    Humans will eventually give in to our request - muahahhahah!

    Love, Lucky & Co.