Monday, 12 July 2010

Getting involved

Mabel likes to be wherever we are because she doesn't like to miss out on anything that might be going on.
She has to be involved in everything we do in her own little way.

Food Shopping
She likes to sniff all new food items that enter the house. She also likes to watch every individual item as it's put away, running from one cupboard from the next. I think it's Mabel quality control!
After all the hard work required in watching the shopping being put away she likes to have a nice nap on or in the empty shopping bag.

Mabel likes to chase the loose material on the bottom of my scruffy 'cleaning-up' jeans. Whenever I'm doing chores she can usually be found hanging onto the hem of my trousers. 
She has to sit on everything freshly ironed! Anything clean, folded or ironed instantly gets the Mabel seal of approval. 

Mabel loves being around when I'm cooking. For some reason the bit she seems most interested in is when I'm chopping onions. She'll find a comfy spot and sit watching until every last one is chopped. Oh, and if I turn my back for a second she likes nothing more than to be licking at the olive oil!

We have been painting and decorating a few of the rooms in the house recently. If we're doing it Mabel has to do it too. She'll sit and watch every stroke and sniff in every corner. She also likes to hang from and climb up brand new curtains!


  1. Mabel sounds like an excellent "snoopervisor"!!!!!

  2. Mabel definitely is a great snoopervisor! BTW, we think the curtain-climbing qualifies for status in the Naughty Kitty Club. ;-P

  3. Every chore deserves a good snoopervisor!
    Sounds like she's inserted herself nicely into your life.
    BTW we think Mabel should also go to Sammy and Andy's and be a cow-kitty. (The link is on my page.)

  4. Mabel, sounds like you are training your mum and dad well. I like to inspect the groceries too.

  5. Now thats purrfection! Sounds like you have a wonderful snoopervisor at home!

  6. What did you guys do before you got gorgeous Mabel to inspect everything?...We know having her around makes everything better!!...She is just a doll!...Happy week beautiful girl...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. I am glad to hear that Mabel is on the job!

  8. It sounds like Mabel is a great helper! And it is good that when you paint she doesn't get into any of it - we have had three different cats get into paint when we did our rooms.

  9. Yep, Mabel is snoopervising. It's one of the things we cats do best!!!

    Great job Mabel!!!

  10. Just keeping things in line. I think I'm going to be lurking about over here.