Friday, 21 May 2010


We go on holiday for a week on Sunday and, although I'm excited, I'm going to miss little Mabel so much!

I'm sad and nervous to leave her but I know she'll be absolutely fine.
She's moving in with the boyfriend's parents for the week. They love her and I think they're looking forward to having a kitty around the place again.
When we went away for the weekend his mum popped in twice a day to feed and cuddle her but, as we are away for a whole week this time, it works out better to leave her with them.
I have learned that Mabel is not a shy cat and she takes to new places and to people very easily. I know she'll love the attention and the company of having someone with her for most of the day. She'll be spoilt rotten and no doubt will miss me much less than I miss her.

Maybe I'm more worried that she'll never want to come home!


  1. Have a wonderful holiday and I am sure Miss Mabel will have fun with the grandparents.

    Your girl sure is pretty.


  2. The guilt of leaving them while going away is overwhelming, I know! I went to Jamaica for 10 days a long while back and called my old roommate EVERY day (which was NOT cheap) to see how they were doing! Hoping you have a great time and she will be in loving arms waiting for you!

  3. I understand that guilt, I feel that way when I have to go away for work too.
    They seem to take it all in stride though, and just give me all the more cuddles when I get home.
    As Poppy-Q said: Enjoy your vacation, and get ready for super-cuddles when you get back.

    Have fun both of you! (Smooches to little Mabel.)

  4. Mabel will enjoy her week with her grandparents, we're sure! We wish you a wonderful holiday, safe travelling!

  5. Have a fun, safe trip and we're sure Mabel will have a great time with her grandparents too; she will miss you guys lots though=nothing replaces Mommy and Daddy!...kisses to sweet, beautiful Mabel...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Mabel is such a cute girl. Have a nice Holiday.

  7. Those are such cute photos of her little face. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and take it from me, a full-time cat-sitter, Mabel will be fine. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5