Monday, 28 March 2011

One year on...

A year ago today was the day our home was first filled with fur! I had waited (perhaps not so) patiently for a week from first finding her until we could pick her up but this day, 12 months ago, was the day we finally brought Mabel home. 

To mark this special occasion Mabel has her perfect day all planned out.

She thought she'd start the day with some morning cuddles with extremely loud purrs and extra headbutts before breakfast.
This will be followed by an action packed day of hiding in boxes, sitting on clean washing, lazing on the bed, jumping in the sock drawer and watching the world go by from the window.
A little bit later she'll play out in the garden with her friends 'the chickens' from next door, climb a tree, have a special dinner, a nice long brush and a sleep in a shopping bag.


Just over a year ago The Boyfriend was still trying to convince me that getting a cat would be a good idea and I was still unsure to say the least. Well, that year has flown by and now I can not recall what life was ever like without her. I have totally fallen in love with her.
She's a furry fledged member of our little family and has fit in to our lives so perfectly.
I feel so lucky to have her and she makes me laugh every single day. By my calculations that's a whole years worth of extra laughs and smiles that I would never have had without her.
Life is more fun now she's around.

Thank you gorgeous, fluffy, little Mabel.
(The best idea The Boyfriend ever had!)



  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Mabel! It seems that your day will be purrfect! :-)

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Mabel and I hope your special day is as terrific as you!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Mabel! I'm glad you were gotted.

  4. Happiest of Gotcha Days Mabel!! It's hard to imagine a life without a kitty!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Mabel!! What a good day that was!!

  6. Happy Gotcha Day Little Cute Mabel
    It was a sweet day ever : )
    Hug to you Little Mabel

  7. Oh we are behind by so much! We hope you and Mabel had a wonderful gotcha day! She is such a sweet girl and such a cutie - you found the perfect girl and we are glad she found her perfect home!

  8. Happy belated Gotcha Day Mabel! We are sorry we missed it!