Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I watched a brilliant film recently and laughed out loud at the line "Oh, I'm fine, I'm English, we like to be cold and wet."
It's true, we are more than a little used to the cold and rain here but so far our Spring and now moving into the Summer we've been treated to some unusually lovely days of warm sunshine and Mabel makes the most of any good weather by exploring and playing outdoors.

I love to watch her playing with blowing leaves or chasing the insects buzzing around the garden. She is still quite young and her inner kitten bounds around the lawn, in and out of bushes, up trees on top of walls, she even likes being chased by us which I didn't realise cats enjoyed!

Last week though, after a few hours of playing in the sun, she had noticeably pink ear tips. This worried me because I have read that cats (and other animals) can get skin cancer. I had thought that she would find a nice shady spot to spend some quality time lazing outside in the cool but she is so active and curious that I don't think she even realises she's hot or tired!

I decided the next full day of sunshine we got I would use some sun cream on her ears but it made her fur greasy around her ears. Giving her a good brush when she came in did make it slightly better bit it was still obviously on her fur up to two days later.
I think, to be on the safe side I would like to continue using sun block on her ears on the sunny days she spends outside but I don't really know what is best to use so thought I'd ask the blogosphere for help! I was hoping I might get some ideas. Her ears are white and I do remember when we were looking for Mabel we inquired about a little, predominantly white, cat called Simon and were advised that we may have to use sun block on his ears but I didn't think to ask any more questions. I wish now that I had, I like Mabel's white ears... pink so isn't her colour!


  1. Miss Mabel, we are glad you are having a lovely summer in the UK. We don't know about kitty sunscreen, maybe your mum could ring the vets and ask them?

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. If you do research on the subject you will find that baby sun-screen is recommended for cats. I beg to differ because even some baby sun-screens have chemicals in them and cats will at some point wash it off. I would prefer to use a natural, organic type of screen that perhaps you could find in a health food store. Best thing to do is check out the ingredients and then call your vet and read them off. Good luck. Hugs to that darling cat.