Friday, 25 February 2011

kitty collars

At the end of March it will be a year since we found little fluffy Mabel.
I can't believe it has not even been a year yet, it feels like she has always been part of the family. She definitely wasted no time making herself at home and she rules the house just as I was told she would.
I can't count the amount of times in the last 11 months that I've said 'You never own a cat. A cat owns you'! When I do it helps to remind myself that I'm actually just there to play, feed, brush and clean up after the little madam! I do love doing it though. I never thought I would enjoy washing bowls with hard dried cat food or cleaning used litter trays but I am rewarded (when she's in the mood) with cuddles and kisses and the company of a wonderful furry little friend.
As it is still a month until the anniversary of the day we got her it is perhaps a little early to mark the occasion but I have never been very good at waiting! I gave her the early gift of a personalized cat collar. 

When we got Mabel we had her microchipped by the vet before she ever ventured outdoors but I still can't fight the niggling feeling I have about microchips. I think they are a great idea and I know that many relieved owners are reunited with their pets because of them. 
I probably worry far too much but 12 months ago I had never had a cat. I had never even heard of microchipping and if I had found a stray or injured kitty I would not have been aware of the possibility that it could have a little chip under its skin that would lead me to a loving owner.
A collar with our home information on, it seems to me, is a much more obvious way for someone to identify Mabel if she should ever go missing.
I have known several people that have fed or taken cats in with good intentions, assuming these cats were hungry, homeless strays. Now, I wonder if they were stray cats or if it was just impossible to find their owners. Perhaps these 'strays' were cats that were loved just as much as Mabel but one day kitty curiosity got the better of them and they wandered a little too far to get back home.

I know that some people disagree with collars but she doesn't wear it inside and only has it on when she's playing out. I have made sure that it has a breakaway safety clasp designed to snap open quickly incase she ever gets it caught on anything. I think it suits her and she doesn't seem to mind it at all so I take that as a Mabel thumbs up!
She now has a fancy blue collar and I have peace of mind while she's playing out.

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I thought I'd share some pictures because my phone is full of Mabel photographs. Well, she is my favourite subject!